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How a Bin Lifter Supports Ergonomic Waste Handling

How a Bin Lifter Supports Ergonomic Waste Handling

By nature, waste handling is a risky business. Within the waste-handling sector, workers are significantly more likely to say that their health and well being is at risk than workers in other sectors. Ergonomics are an especially important driver of that statistic; musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) account for around 33% of all injuries involving waste management.

And while your business may not be part of that sector, waste handling is almost certainly an important part of your facility’s day-to-day operations.

The right material handling equipment can address many (if not most) ergonomic concerns. That’s where bin tippers come in: They’re designed to handle challenging lifting tasks with ease — and protect workers by reinforcing appropriate ergonomics.

Bin Lifters are an efficient, cost-effective addition to any facility.

Workers might need to empty waste bins once per week, or they might empty the trash several times per day. In either case, they’re handling a task that meets several of OSHA’s risk factors for MSDs:  

  • Exerting excessive force. A 20-gallon trash bin can weigh 75 pounds when fully loaded — and many facilities use 35- or 60-gallon units. Workers must use excessive force to lift the load, which greatly raises the risk of an injury.
  • Performing the same or similar tasks repetitively. If a single worker is assigned all of the waste management tasks, the chances of injury increases.
  • Working in awkward postures or being in the same posture for long periods of time. Lifting a waste bin almost always leads to awkward positioning, twisting, and reaching.
  • Combined exposure to several risk factors. OSHA notes that combined exposure “may place workers at a higher risk for MSDs than does exposure to any one risk factor.”

The solution is to remove manual lifting from the process. Bin lifters are also called trash can dumpers, bin dumpers, bin tippers, and bin tilters. Whatever you call them, they solve a problem: By lifting containers hydraulically or mechanically, they provide a stable, consistent lift that minimizes potential ergonomic issues.

Of course, there’s another reason to consider material handling equipment (MHE); generally speaking, manual lifting isn’t efficient. A bin lifter can greatly speed up the process, and since the equipment doesn’t require a certain level of physical strength, the task can be assigned to any worker on your team.  

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Bin lifters should be matched to the task at hand. 

Solus Group carries a variety of Simpro Bin Dumpers designed to protect workers while handling waste management tasks — and other tasks that require lifting and tipping (for example, ingredient mixing). 

Popular options include:

  • Ezi-MT® Manual Bin Dumper - Ideal for small businesses, office buildings, and other general applications, the Ezi-MT® features a lifting capacity of 143 lb (65 kg) and winch-operated controls. 
  • Multi-Tip® Hydraulic Bin Dumper - The Multi-Tip® bin lifter is compatible with common waste bins between 24 and 96 gal (90 to 360 L) and weights of up to 330 lb (150 kg). Its galvanized components are completely weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use. 
  • Dumpmaster® Hydraulic Bin Dumper - The Dumpmaster® effortlessly handles containers of up to 550 lb (250 kg). It lifts and tip loads at tipping heights from 59" to 106" (1500–2700 mm). Additional safety options include full-cage guarding and custom cradles.

All Bin Dumpers can be custom-built to any specifications. With options for indoor/outdoor use, numerous safety features, and durable materials, Bin Dumpers can create immediate value in any facility.

View our full selection of bin lifters and bins. To learn more or to explore waste management options for your facility, call the Solus Group sales team at 314-696-0200.

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