Self-Leveling Spring Tables vs. Powered Lift Tables: Choosing a Pallet Workstation

By Solus Group Marketing Team January 20, 2020

A self-leveling spring table with a rotating surface makes an ideal pallet-handling workstation. The table is designed to maintain a custom safe working height — even when the level of the work rises or falls, as it must when the operator is building or unpacking a pallet. This constant adjustment to a comfortable elevation protects staff from risky motions like bending, stretching, and adopting awkward postures.

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Tote Dumpers in Sanitary Material Handling Applications

By Solus Group Marketing Team January 13, 2020

A tote dumper may not be the first piece of material handling equipment you think of for a facility that must maintain strict sanitation protocols — whether that’s food processing, pharmaceuticals, or the grain supply chain itself.

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How Transfer Station Design Affects Workplace Safety

By Solus Group Marketing Team January 6, 2020

Transfer station design isn’t just about controlling operational costs. The placement, layout, and infrastructure in a transfer station all contribute strongly to the safety of the people who work there. In other words, the original design of the facility is integral to the success of any health and safety program, even one enacted years down the line.

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How Forklift Battery Charger Cable Retractors Improve Battery Room Safety

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 23, 2019

Forklift battery charger cable retractors are the secret safety heroes of your forklift battery room. They don’t vent dangerous gasses, they don’t stop you from dropping a battery, and they don’t clean up electrolyte spills. But no battery room is safe without a collection of these relatively simple, relatively small accessories.

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Using an Electric Tugger in a Materials Recovery Facility

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 16, 2019

An electric tugger is a highly flexible, low-cost solution to the material handling challenges that can occur at materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and waste processing plants. Armed with a Nu-Star Power Pusher or similar tugger, a single employee can transport incredible loads in one or more Mobile Garbage Bins.

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Drum Dumper Safety Features That Protect Employees

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 9, 2019

Safety is a major reason employers invest in drum dumpers and other ergonomic drum-handling equipment. (Efficiency is probably the other big motivator.) And certainly, lifting and emptying full 55-gallon drums is much safer with dedicated material handling equipment.

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Container Dumper Applications for Multiple Industries

By Solus Group Marketing Team December 5, 2019

Does your business need a container dumper? Odds are, the answer is yes. Hydraulic dumpers have the power to improve productivity, reduce injuries, and streamline mission-critical processes in a much wider variety of industries than you might think.

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Retail Store Ergonomics During Peak Shopping Season

By Solus Group Marketing Team November 27, 2019

Shopping season is going to be big this year, and a strong retail store ergonomics plan can help keep staff safe and productive throughout the boom cycle. Deloitte tells us that the average household will spend nearly $1,500 this season, and sales are expected to grow up to 5 percent compared to the previous year.

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Forklift Battery Market 2020: What’s Driving Growth?

By Solus Group Marketing Team November 25, 2019

All the analysts seem to agree: The forklift battery market will continue to grow through 2020 (and, indeed, well into 2027). The numbers are compelling, but they don’t tell the whole story. In order to benefit from this booming market, company leaders need to understand exactly what’s driving the growth — and where it will be concentrated.

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Dumpster Safety Procedures for Commercial Janitorial Staff

By Solus Group Marketing Team November 21, 2019

Every commercial facility produces waste, so every commercial facility requires comprehensive dumpster safety procedures. This final collection point for waste, recycling, or compost carries particular risks for employees.

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