The EPA, Building Deconstruction, and C&D Materials Reuse: New Approaches

By Solus Group Marketing Team June 5, 2018

Thanks to a growing coalition of green businesses, grassroots advocates, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), building deconstruction — as opposed to unsustainable demolition practices — could be coming to your community sometime soon. Here's what you need to know, whether you're a sustainability expert or just discovering this green alternative to landfilling demolition debris.

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Handling Lithium Batteries at Electronics Recycling Facilities

By Solus Group Marketing Team May 24, 2018

The use of lithium batteries to power our ever-shrinking electronics is growing at a rate of 1.63 batteries per person, per year, reports recycling service RRS. Increasingly, these lightweight, power-dense batteries power everything from our phones to our cars. One report projected a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent in the lithium-battery market by 2021.

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Promoting Clean Air in Your Community: Tips for Air Quality Awareness Week

By Solus Group Marketing Team May 4, 2018

Air pollution causes cancer, bronchitis, and other major health problems while exacerbating existing conditions like asthma, making clean air a crucial public health issue. The World Health Organization estimates that three million people die prematurely from poor air quality worldwide. Air pollution also harms the environment through acid rain, particulate soot, and other harmful pollutants.

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Food Production Equipment Requirements for Emptying Bulk Ingredients

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 29, 2018

Food production equipment sanitation is serious business. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that every year foodborne illnesses sicken 48 million people, hospitalize 128,000, and, tragically, kill 3,000. With numbers like those, it's easy to see why the government is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections via food.

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Improve Municipal Plastic Recycling Programs with These Free Resources

By Solus Group Marketing Team April 20, 2018

The global recycling market is changing rapidly, and that can leave municipal plastic recycling programs struggling to find enough end users to stay in business. More than ever, post-consumer plastics are competing with virgin resins. This, in turn, is placing new pressures on materials recovery facilities (MRF) and the municipalities that hire them to produce pristine bales of reclaimed plastics; high levels of contamination are no longer acceptable.

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China's National Sword and Recycling Import Ban: Responding to Market Changes

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 19, 2018

China's changing national policy on raw recycling imports is creating serious new challenges in the U.S. recyclables market. Bales of paper and plastic scrap, which would typically already be on ships bound to China's many recycling processors, are now building up in stockpiles across the United States. Materials recovery facilities (MRFs) are on a desperate hunt for new end users.

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Integrated Dumpsters/Dumpers Versus Portable Bin Tipper Units

By Solus Group Marketing Team March 2, 2018

To safely manage a municipal or commercial waste stream, you need central collection points, that is, dumpsters. As ergonomic operations improve across industries, many decision-makers also invest in equipment that protects staff and improves productivity at the dumpster lip, that is, Bin Tippers.

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GSA-Approved Material Handling Equipment and Warehouse Solutions from Solus Group

By Jennifer Taylor December 19, 2017

Solus Group, a leading online supplier of material handling equipment for warehouses, general industry, and forklift battery rooms, has been granted approved status with the U.S. government's General Services Administration. This designation allows agencies across the federal government access to the best-in-class equipment and expert support that Solus Group provides.

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Industrial Containers and Material Handling for Bulk Processing Applications

By Jennifer Taylor July 31, 2017

It's easy to overlook industrial containers. We focus so often on material handling equipment itself that we forget the importance of standardization for the things that hold bulk product. In order to maintain the pace of material handling necessary in so many industries, though, the equipment must be compatible with the containers — and that means standard bin sizes.

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