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Absorbent Pads & Pillows

Sorbent pads & pillows improve spill response by allowing personnel to quickly neutralize various types of liquids, reducing slip-and-fall hazards and preventing damage to floors and equipment. To optimize your operation’s spill response, ensure convenient access to a full supply of sorbent products.

Generally, sorbent pads — available in rolls or packages — work best for smaller spills. They can fit into small cracks and crevices, which makes them an essential component of every spill-response kit. Material choice is important, as oil-selective sorbent pads repel water and attract oils, enabling quick cleanup in situations where both liquids are present.

Sorbent pillows and socks are significantly thicker than pads and capable of holding more liquid. They’re typically used for larger spills. Sorbent socks can keep a spill contained into a smaller area, as they’re heavy enough to resist movement even when containing thicker liquids.

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