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Environmental Grant Programs, Loans, and Funding Resources

The EPA offers a broad range of funding opportunities for a variety of applications, from cleaning up brownfield sites to improving source reduction. This funding amounts to more than $4 billion every year. To learn more about applying for EPA funding, visit the EPA's grants page here.

The following federal programs provide funding for stakeholders in environmental applications. Follow the links for qualifications and application information:

  • Federal Grants for Brownfield Assessment, Cleaning, and Training - These funds are available to assist in management of brownfield sites, in which previous use may have contributed to environmental concerns. The include multiple programs, including grants for cleaning brownfield sites, assessing concerns, and conducting research.
  • EPA Grants and Funding for Pollution Prevention - Pollution Prevention grants fund projects designed to improve source reduction of waste at businesses and other facilities. They typically provide funds for two-year periods.
  • EPA Grants and Funding for Environmental Justice - Environmental Justice grants help communities address public health concerns related to pollution and other environmental concerns.
  • EPA Smart Growth Grants and Other Funding - These grants are not generally available all the time; the EPA cycles through opportunities for funding to limit the environmental impact of development. They also address public health issues surrounding growth and development.
  • EPA Urban Waters Small Grants - The EPA awards Urban Waters Small Grants every two years, with funds of up to $60,000 available. The funding goes to improve water quality in densely populated areas.
  • EPA Grants by Region - Each of the EPA’s 10 regions may provide funding for environmental projects, depending on available resources and local projects.
  • Other Grant Programs from the EPA - In addition to the programs listed above, the EPA awards grants, fellowships, and other funding opportunities for a wide variety of environmental interests.

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