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Online Tools from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Congress gave the EPA power and authority to "protect human health and the environment" through regulations, enforcement, funding, research, and education. In pursuit of the Agency's mission, they also provide online tools, calculators, and other digital resources to assist stakeholders in creating a more sustainable future. Use these tools to plan waste-diversion programs, green community development, responsible land use, and more.

Here is a sampling of EPA resources you can access online, any time:

  • The Waste Reduction Model (WARM) Tool

    This spreadsheet projects reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based on several leading waste-management techniques. It is ideal for planning waste-handling systems at any level, from a single school to an entire region.

    Access the WARM Tool here.

  • Land Revitalization Tools

    Communities often struggle with repurposing contaminated real estate after the clean-up is complete. The EPA offers comprehensive tools and guidance documents to help with land revitalization for communities of all sizes.

    Access EPA land revitalization resources here.

  • Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool

    EJSCREEN is the EPA's environmental justice mapping tool. It combines demographic and environmental data to produce reports and detailed maps for community planners, sustainability activists, and other interested parties.

    Access EJSCREEN here.

  • The Green Infrastructure Wizard

    The EPA's Green Infrastructure Wizard (GIWiz for short) offers a fully guided tour through EPA tools for sustainable community planning, water management, and education programs. Follow the prompts to find which EPA resources can help with to your particular environmental goals.

    Access the GIWiz here.

While these tools can assist stakeholders in business, government, and communities across the United States, dedicated material handling equipment can help with implementation of waste-handling programs. Learn more about how Bin Dumpers and other solutions from Solus Group can help to drive new recycling, composting, and waste-diversion strategies by calling us at 314-696-0200 today.