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Hardwood Wash Stations

Hardwood Wash Stations from Solus Group provide a safe and convenient space for washing electrolyte off of forklift battery terminals and cases. Extend battery life and improve battery performance by regularly cleaning your lift truck batteries in a hardwood wash station.

This ergonomically designed wash station has three 48-inch walls to contain spray and wash water in its drain tray. Both models of the wash station can be used as stand-alone devices or with recirculation/neutralization systems from Solus Group. These machines control, filter, and recirculate water used for cleaning lift truck batteries to effortlessly create a closed-loop system.

The hardwood wash station is available in stainless steel or mild steel with acid-resistant finish. The station's decking is made from recycled polyethylene, which is acid-resistant, environmentally friendly, and non-conductive.

The drain tray of the wash station can be removed easily for cleaning, and the 12-inch deck height allows staff to easily load and clean batteries at an ergonomic height. Welded fork pockets to add mobility are available as an optional feature.

Well-maintained lift truck batteries last longer, perform better, and help reduce electrical problems in forklifts. Click "View Details" to learn more or to purchase a hardwood wash station.

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