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Mobile Wash Stations

The mobile wash station from Solus Group provides an easily transportable solution for washing forklift batteries. Instead of bringing batteries to a wash station, bring a wash station to the batteries.

This mobile machine gives battery wash service providers an edge over the competition by allowing washing to be done on site. Batteries no longer have to be out of commission while they are transported to and from a wash facility now that washing can be done at the warehouse.

The mobile wash station has fork pockets and anchor points for safe and easy mobility. Its powder coat finish prevents scratches during transport and resists the acid it's exposed to during the washing process.

The wash station's deck is made from acid-resistant, non-conductive, and environmentally friendly recycled polyethylene. The wide, non-skid steps and walkway around the deck ensure safe access for the operator.

Every warehouse manager knows that cleaning forklift batteries extends longevity and improves performance, but taking them out of rotation to be cleaned can decrease productivity. Solve this problem by bringing your wash station to where the batteries need it, and keep batteries in rotation longer.

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