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Recirculation / Neutralization Systems

Clean and reuse forklift battery wash water with recirculation and neutralization systems from Solus Group. These comprehensive water-treatment systems filter out contaminating particles and bring used wastewater to a neutral pH level, allowing the water to be used again and again for washing forklift batteries.

Combined with a battery wash cabinet from Solus Group, recirculation/neutralization systems create a closed-loop that keeps contaminated water isolated. This improves safety for staff and helps facilities comply with federal and local regulations regarding hazardous waste.

Recirculation/neutralization systems catch and collect particles down to 5 microns in size, storing them in easy-to-replace removable filters. Then neutralization agents remove acid content from the water. The result is clean water that's ready for the next battery wash.

Standard fork pockets make it easy to reposition these systems with forklifts. These models contain the fewest components of any on the market, making maintenance simpler and reducing operating costs to the absolute minimum. The rotary gear pump that provides high-pressure output is made of stainless steel parts, so there's rarely a need for replacement components.

To learn more about the specifications and capabilities of any model of recirculation/neutralization system from Solus Group, click on the appropriate link below. Add the items to your digital cart when you're ready to purchase.

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