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Recirculation & Neutralization Systems

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Recirculation / Neutralization Systems (RNS) from BHS control, filter, and recirculate water used for cleaning industrial batteries. This dramatically reduces volumes of contaminated wastewater, cutting down on disposal fees.

Each model of RNS is equipped with a spray wand* connected to a 10-foot (3 meter) hose. A 120 V / 1 PH external sump pump operates automatically to return battery wash water from the wash cabinet back to the RNS. The result is a steady source of battery wash water that complies with environmental regulations and reduces overhead.

In combination with a BHS Battery Wash Cabinet, the RNS creates a closed-loop system that contains and controls the water used for cleaning industrial batteries.

Water used to wash forklift batteries becomes contaminated with acidic residue, lead particles, and other potentially harmful substances. The EPA places strict limits on disposal of wastewater left over after battery washes.

Recirculation / Neutralization Systems from BHS allow you to reuse your wastewater rather than paying for compliant disposal or, worse, making a mistake while disposing of it in-house. Every model of RNS is designed to feed directly into Battery Wash Cabinets from BHS, creating a closed-loop system that can complete multiple washes with the same volume of water.

Contaminated water passes through a special filter which removes particles down to 5 microns. Filters are inexpensive and easy to replace when they fill up. Next, the system neutralizes the pH level of the water, removing the acidic content.

The RNS-4-SS provides another level of cleaning with an ozone water-purification system.




Filters down to 5 microns

Easy filter replacement

Rotary gear pump features stainless steel internal parts for extended component life

Removable front panels for convenient maintenance

Closed loop system (when coupled with a BWC) eliminates water supply and floor drains†

50 psi at 12 gal/min for high-flood battery wash-down

70 psi at 12 gal/min for high-flood battery wash-down

Standard fork pockets make it easy to move when clean-out is required

In-line pH monitoring system aids in keeping proper pH level

Includes a separate handheld pH meter to assist in monitoring pH levels

Fewest number of components in the industry lowers operating costs

Works with manual or automatic BHS Battery Wash Cabinets

On-demand, automatic start system

100-micron bag filter insert captures larger particles

Auto shut-off for pH out of safe operating range

Auto shut-off and indicator light for filter service

Auto shut-off for low water level

Adjustable timed recirculation mode for pH adjusting

Built-in ozone purification system

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.