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Battery Wash Cabinets

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The BHS Battery Wash Cabinet (BWC) cleans harmful contaminants from a battery’s surface, which extends the life of the battery and reduces electrical problems in lift trucks. The BWC is available in five models and is constructed with stainless steel for durability. The BWC models offer adjustable wash options and water nozzles, providing quick, efficient cleaning for various battery types.


The BWC-1 is equipped with a manual door and gravity feed rollers. The BWC-1 utilizes 120 V single phase power with adjustable timer and allows batteries to drip dry. This cabinet can accommodate a range of battery sizes and is quick and easy to operate.


The BWC-2 is equipped with an air operated automatic door and powered rollers for convenience in side-extraction applications. The powerful BWC-2 uses 240/480 V 3 ph power. Automatic air blow-off removes excess water. This heavy duty machine works well for battery washing service providers or operations that want to quickly wash their batteries on-site.


The BWC-3 is built with an in-feed conveyor for overhead loading of batteries, which makes the BWC-3 the preferred model for Gantry Crane systems. This powerful battery washer uses 240/480 V 3 ph power. The BWC-3 is equipped with an automatic air blow-off and also indexes the battery onto the in-feed conveyor for unloading at the end of every cycle.

BWC Options

Electrolyte Neutralizing Cycle (BWC-NC)
Neutralizing agent injected during wash cycle to neutralize acid residue on battery

Scrub Brush (BWC-SB)
Power scrub brush cleans underside of battery during entry and exit

Air Compressor Kit (BWC-ACK)
Provides compressed air for automatic air blow off. 




The BWC-1-M is equipped with a manual door and friction strips. The BWC-1-M utilizes 120 V single phase power with adjustable timer and allows batteries to drip dry. Features fork pockets for mobility (not to be used while battery is on unit).

Additional features:

  • Dual Oscillating Wash Manifolds
  • Dual Anchor points secure equipment during transport or to permanently secure equipment inside facility
  • Indicator light notifies operator when battery drip-dry time has elapsed
  • 12” x 12” (305 mm x 305 mm) polycarbonate windows on top panel and upper door panel


The BWC-1-M-KIT enables on-site battery washes, eliminating the time and expense required for transporting batteries to and from separate maintenance facilities. The BWC-1-M-Kit consists of three units: One clean-water tank, which includes a wash pump and an auxiliary hand-spray wand; one 330-gallon mobile tank for dirty water; and a Battery Wash Cabinet, model BWC-1-M. This modular design makes it easy for service providers to wash forklift batteries at customer facilities and cart away contaminated wastewater upon completion.


  • (1) Battery Wash Cabinet model BWC-1-M (battery not included)
  • Dual oscillating wash manifolds with (5) quick change water nozzles
  • Slide deck with (3) rows of poly lead rollers
  • Door open delay for battery tray drainage with timer for drip-dry
  • Electrical enclosure start circuit interface with pump
  • 120 V ac automatic sump pump in an external drain pan for easy clean-out and
  • Anchoring lugs on all four corners or can be permanently mounted to floor
  • (1) 330 gal/1249 L Mobile clean water tank
  • (1) Wash Pump with 150 PSI at 5 gal/min mounted to clean water tank (not pictured)
  • (1) Auxiliary hand spray wand
  • (1) 330 gal/1249 L Mobile dirty water tank

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.