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Wastewater Recycling Systems

Wastewater recycling systems from Solus Group treat, filter, and neutralize water used in battery washes, producing clean, disposal-safe water and a non-leach clay that's certified safe for landfills. Optional mobile water tanks make these systems ideal for battery suppliers and large-scale battery users alike, allowing users to wash batteries on-site and cart away used water for treatment.

The water used to wash forklift batteries is contaminated with acid, lead, and other potentially harmful substances, and is classified as hazardous waste by federal regulations. Wastewater recycling systems treat battery wash water to make it safe for conventional disposal or reuse. Treated water meets all EPA and NJDAP regulations for entry into U.S. waterways.

Attach wastewater recycling systems to battery wash cabinets from Solus Group to create a closed-loop system. In such an arrangement, users can wash battery after battery with the same volume of water, protecting staff from exposure to hazardous waste and reducing overall water usage considerably.

The cleaning process is almost entirely automated; add used water to the system and it will take care of the rest, freeing up staff for other tasks. To learn more about the various wastewater recycling systems available from Solus Group, click on the products below.

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