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Eye & Safety Stations

Eye and safety stations from Solus Group ensure protection for warehouse staff as they work with hazardous materials. We offer a wide assortment of equipment to meet the needs of any spill or accident.

There is always an inherent danger when staff are working with corrosive materials. No matter how many safety precautions staff take, human error is inevitable.

That's why preparation is essential. Keeping eye wash stations in areas where battery handling occurs most frequently ensures that your staff will have the safety equipment they need when accidents happen.

Solus Group offers eye-wash stations that are wall-mounted, free-standing, and even portable. When battery acid splashes onto someone's skin or in their face, time is of the essence. Give your staff the protection they deserve by placing eye-wash stations where they are most likely to be needed.

After addressing urgent situations arising from battery acid accidents, staff must thoroughly clean and neutralize other affected areas. The personal protective kit and equipment cleaning kit give staff everything they need to safely contain and neutralize corrosive material.

Safety equipment protects your most valuable assets—staff. Click on "Learn More" for further details about equipment, or click "Add to Cart" to purchase.

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  1. Battery Emergency Station Stand
    Battery Emergency Station Stand
    SKU: BES
  2. BES-1
    Battery Emergency Station
    SKU: BES-1
  3. Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash Station
    Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash Station
    SKU: MEW-300
  4. Equipment Cleaning Kit
    Equipment Cleaning Kit
    SKU: ECK-4
  5. Personal Protective Kit (PPE Kit)
    Personal Protective Kit (PPE Kit)
    SKU: PK-1200
  6. Portable Eye Wash
    Portable Eye Wash
    SKU: PEW-700
  7. Shower Eye Wash Station
    Shower Eye Wash Station
    SKU: SEW-500
  8. Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station
    Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station
    SKU: EW-300
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