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Battery Wash Cabinets

Battery wash cabinets from Solus Group increase lift truck battery performance and lifespan by cleaning harmful contaminants from the battery surface. These state-of-the-art cabinets give batteries a thorough cleaning through a time-saving automated process.

Whether you run a battery wash service or simply want to save time and money by cleaning batteries on-site, this American-made machine is up to the task. Its stainless steel construction means it will blast harmful corrosive material off batteries time and time again, with minimum maintenance.

Cleaning forklift batteries is an essential maintenance task for preserving battery performance and reducing electrical problems in forklifts. Relying on rugged battery wash cabinets from Solus Group allows your staff to focus on more profitable tasks while this machine makes your batteries like new again.

Our wash cabinets even have adjustable wash times so that your batteries aren't out of service for a minute longer than necessary. With regular battery cleanings, you can avoid all of the issues associated with dirty batteries, such as voltage leaks, shorter operating life, self-discharge, weakened cases, and increased exposure of staff to electrolyte.

All battery wash cabinet models are available with an option for a electrolyte neutralizing cycle. Click on "View Details" to read more about these impressive machines from Solus Group.

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