Safety Alarms & Response

Safety alarms and response tools protect personnel and equipment by alerting staff of dangerous situations before it's too late. Solus Group provides durable and reliable safety alarms and response equipment to protect your most valuable assets.

Our hydrogen exhaust fan kit continuously monitors levels of hydrogen, which accumulates during the battery-charging process. If the concentration of this highly flammable gas reaches 1 percent, a bright yellow light on the monitor turns on and the ventilator fan activates.

If the concentration reaches 2 percent, an 80-decibel-alarm warns staff to vacate the warehouse and the exhaust fan will continue running until it disperses the hydrogen. This life-saving warning-and-response tool helps warehouses comply with OSHA, IFC, NFPA, and IEEE recommendations and regulations.

The two-in-one carbon monoxide / smoke detector is a safety essential for any warehouse where combustion occurs. When the safety alarm detects carbon monoxide or smoke, the unit loudly beeps and clearly says, "FIRE!" or "WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE!" clearly alerting staff to the specific danger.

The fire extinguisher and cabinet provides a versatile ABC fire extinguisher, which can handle any type of fire threat. A protective cabinet shields the extinguisher from dirt and debris.

Protect your staff and assets with rugged and reliable safety equipment from Solus Group. Click "Add to Cart" or "View Details" to get started.

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  • Hydrogen Gas Detector

    Hydrogen Gas Detector

    Part#: HGD
    The HGD monitors hydrogen gas levels, is available with AC- or DC-power with single or dual relay. The HGD is equipped with LED lights and and 80 decibel alarm to alert personnel if hydrogen accumulates before reaching a dangerous threshold. Learn More
    Starting at $823.00

    Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit

    Part#: HEF-KIT
    The Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit (HEF-KIT) monitors hydrogen gas levels, activating operating alarms and ventilation fans when necessary to exhaust gases. The HEF-KIT is intended for use in battery charging rooms and other areas where hydrogen gas may be present. Learn More
  • Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detector

    Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detector

    Part#: CO-S-D
    Battery operated detector of smoke and carbon monoxide. Learn More
  • Fire Extinguisher and Cabinet

    Fire Extinguisher and Cabinet

    Part#: FE-20
    The Fire Extinguisher & Cabinet (FE-20) includes a 20 lb (9 kg) capacity, Type ABC fire extinguisher and a front-loading cabinet. Learn More

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