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Turnkey Waste Handling Solution

Solus Group is your one-stop shop for total waste handling solutions. Together, the products listed below provide a turnkey system for collecting on-site waste, indoors or outdoors, in spaces of virtually any size.

The combination of Cascade Icon Roll-Out Carts; Mobile Garbage Bins with tow hitches; a Dumpmaster Bin Dumper with a tow hitch; an electric tugger (supply your own tow tractor or choose a Nu-Star Power Pusher from Solus Group); and a MegaDumper Cart Dumper improves efficiency, reduces risk of injury, and empowers a single employee to safely handle refuse/material loads that would typically require tremendous staffing outlays.

Roll-Out Carts in strategic locations serve as collection points for waste materials. A single operator can pilot a tugger train featuring one or more Mobile Garbage Bins and the mobile Dumpmaster Bin Dumper around the event grounds, stopping at each collection point to empty Roll-Out Carts into Mobile Garbage Bins with the Dumpmaster.

When the train is full, the operator pilots it to the dumpster, where a high-capacity MegaDumper empties Mobile Garbage Bins without exposing the operator to ergonomic risk. Repeat this process for incredibly efficient, low-risk waste management that only requires one worker.

This Total Solution offers everything your collection team needs to be leaner, more efficient, and safer than ever before. The entire set fits into the footprint of a roll-off dumpster, creating strong value for rental operations. Purchase the Turnkey Waste Handling Solution as a package, or choose individual products to build your own system.

Call Solus Group at 314-696-0200 to learn more about how the Turnkey Waste Handling Solution can lower costs while improving safety in your industry.

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