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Battery Water Carts

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All three models of the Powered Water Cart include an ergonomic water gun for watering forklift batteries. The Powered Watering Cart easily transports water to forklift batteries in a wide variety of applications depending on the model.

The Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO) offers a reliable and precise solution for watering lead-acid forklift batteries. Battery performance and longevity can permanently decline when batteries are underwatered or overwatered. This unit comes with a Water Gun that automatically shuts off when the proper electrolyte level has been reached, ensuring that boil-overs and dry plates are easily avoided.

The Powered Watering Cart makes this task easy by giving staff a fully mobile and easily maneuverable water cart. Water is dispensed through an ergonomic dispenser, which allows staff to keep a safe distance from the battery. This unit can also be used as a water supply to a single point watering system. Give your staff ergonomic and economical equipment, and get more life and productivity out of your batteries.

Model Specifications




10 gal (37.8 L) polypropylene tank

9’ (2.7 m) output hose

includes water gun (WG-X)

Trigger activated pump/p>

DC powered from built-in, sealed cell 12 V rechargeable battery

Battery charger plugs into any 110/120 V ac wall outlet

Charger shuts off when full charge is achieved

Handle and wheels make unit easy to transport

10 gal (37.8 L) polypropylene tank

Services small to mid-range operations

includes water gun (WG-X)

23’ (7 m) total reach [13’ (3.9 m) power cord + 10’ (3 m) output hose]

kink-resistant hose

plugs into any 110/120 V ac wall outlet

Flow indicator gives exact shut off time

Handle and wheels make unit easy to transport

20 gal (75.7 L) polypropylene tank

Services mid to large-sized forklift fleets

includes water gun (WG-X)

30’ (9.14 m) total reach [15' (4.6m) power cord + 15' (4.6m) output hose]

On/off switch and power indicator located on front of unit

plugs into any 110/120 V ac wall outlet

Submersible pump mounted inside the tank

30’ (9.14 m) total reach

Handle and wheels make unit easy to transport

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.