Dockmaster™ Hydraulic Bin Dumper, 27.5" tip height

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Dockmaster™ Hydraulic Bin Dumper, 27.5" tip height

Part #DM0700-B

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The Simpro manufactured Dockmaster™ (DM0700-B) wheelie-bin dumpers empty bins and drums weighing up to 550 lb (250 kg) at 27.5" (700 mm) tipping height. The dumping action of a Dockmaster™ is safe, efficient, and easy to use. The DM0700-B dumps most typical bin sizes up to 96 gal, and its standard capacity is 550 lb (250 kg). Also called trash can dumpers, box dumpers, bin tippers, garbage can dumpers, or tote tippers, bin dumpers offer an ergonomic solution to tasks like dumping waste or trash, mixing ingredients or chemicals, disposing of medical waste, and much more. DM0700-B Dockmaster™ has full-cage wire mesh guarding, and 4" (100 mm) casters. Its standard cradle is designed for 64 gal two-wheeled bins but custom cradles are available to suit other bins/drums.

Operator Guard (DM-OG): Protects the operator from glass or chemical splashes.

Solar Panel (DM-SP): Solar Power source for outside use.

Bucket Cradle (DM-BC): Powder coated steel bucket cradle includes adjustable hoop retainer and adjustable packer blocks. Bolted to the main tote cradle plates, the Bucket Cradle accommodates all tubs that fit within 27” wide, 24” deep, 27” high, including all standard steel drums and Brute Bins.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Simpro
Mfr. Part Number DM0700-B
Bin Dumper Power Battery
Bin Dumper Tip Height 27.5" / 700 mm
Capacity 550 lb / 250 kg
Weight 441 lb / 200 kg
Overall Width 43.5" / 1100 mm
Overall Length 51" / 1295 mm
Overall Height 69.5" / 1765 mm
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