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Stainless Steel Bin Dumpers for Food Processing Facilities

 Bin Dumpers in the Food Processing Industry

Bin Dumpers with stainless steel construction speed up productivity on food production lines — and keep workers safe.

For food processing applications, heavy-duty bin dumpers are an excellent investment. These heavy-duty dumping machines integrate seamlessly into existing systems, safely lifting and emptying bulk ingredients while promoting efficiency.

By automating this crucial process, your facility can cut down on batch production times. More importantly, hydraulic ingredient lifters help to prevent musculoskeletal injury through an innovative, ergonomic design.

"Production jobs in food processing involve repetitive, physically demanding work that has been shown to be associated with the development of musculoskeletal disorders," reports Cal/OSHA, the occupational health division of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Bin Dumpers can prevent these injuries, which benefits both the workforce and the bottom line. On-the-job injuries are associated with considerable costs, including increased workers' compensation insurance, wages for temporary staff, and reduced overall production. A single prevented musculoskeletal disorder could exceed the total ROI for a Bin Dumper.

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Retain FDA Compliance with Stainless-Steel Equipment

Most industrial-grade dumping equipment is built for material handling applications and doesn't need to meet the stringent FDA Food Code. Simpro Bin Dumpers in steel are the exception.

Simpro's high-grade 304 stainless steel is the ideal material for food processing equipment. It meets all of the FDA's safety rules for food-contacting materials.

Stainless steel is:

  • Nonabsorbent, nonporous, and resistant to corrosion over time.
  • Strong enough to retain its integrity with frequent scrubbing.
  • Smooth and easy to clean.
  • Unlikely to sustain scratches or dents through use.
  • Safe for contact with consumables.

These FDA guidelines explain why so much food processing equipment is already made from 300-series stainless steel — and why Simpro Bin Dumpers in stainless steel are a great choice for food processing applications.

Learn more about all of Solus Group's collection of Simpro Bin Dumpers below.

How Bin Dumpers Improve Ergonomics in Food Processing Plants

Bin Dumpers prevent ergonomic injuries by automatically emptying drums or boxes of ingredient into processing equipment. This action typically involves lifting a heavy load over the head, twisting the body, and holding an awkward posture until the entire container is empty. Bin Dumpers address and eliminate each of these ergonomic risks.

Industries as diverse as chemical processing and warehousing have already learned to trust Simpro Bin Dumpers for heavy-duty lifting and emptying tasks. That's because unique engineering makes these some of the most stable pieces of dumping equipment on the market. Simpro's specialized "lift-and-tip" motion offers a powerful combination of ergonomic protection and faster ingredient handling.

As the Bin Dumper's cradle rises, it gently tips the container of ingredients at a steady rate. The center of gravity remains just over the footprint of the machine, for extraordinary stability even as the load weight shifts. The result: Ingredients pour outwards into waiting mixers or hoppers in a matter of seconds.

Bin Dumpers in 5 Distinct Models

All five models of Bin Dumpers are available with fully FDA-compliant, stainless steel construction. The ideal choice for your operation will depend on the bulk ingredients you work with every day.

For the heaviest loads, the Dumpmaster effortlessly lifts and empties loads of up to 660 pounds, with variable height from 59 inches to 83 inches. Lighter applications can choose the super-affordable EZI-MT Manual Bin Dumper, with stainless steel construction. Workers lift and tip bins via an easy-to-spin winch system. The 140-pound capacity is ideal for smaller operations or light-weight ingredients. Many operations improve their processes with a stainless steel Multi-Tip Bin Dumper. This model effortlessly lifts up to 330 pounds with durable hydraulics.

Regardless of your food processing facilities' unique needs, Simpro bin dumpers provide numerous advantages in terms of workflow and ergonomics. Custom options are available to suit various food handling applications. Discuss the options by calling Solus Group at 314-696-0200.