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Bin Dumpers for Recycling and Composting at Stadiums

Bin Dumpers for Recycling and Composting at Stadiums

Fans come from miles around to attend professional and collegiate sporting events, see live performances, and participate in other social events at large-scale stadiums. These stadiums attract millions of people every year, and those crowds create millions of pounds of waste. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle, conducted 25 separate studies of waste streams at large venues, leading to the estimate that, on average, each attendee of an event will leave behind 2.44 pounds of waste.

That’s a lot of waste for stadium workers to handle — and that waste can contain plenty of recyclable items and compostable food scraps!

By providing stadium workers with hydraulic Bin Dumpers, stadiums could become one of the biggest providers of recycling and composting materials.

With Bin Dumpers stationed around various vantage points, gathering and maneuvering bulk loads of waste are easier for one person to manage, allowing for quicker clean up. To find out more about Bin Dumpers, or to place an order, call Solus Group at 314-696-0200 today.

Choosing The Right Bin Dumper For Your Stadium

With a complete line of Bin Dumpers that vary in weight capacity, there’s no limit to the improvement that these products can offer.

Employees move about the stadium after games and concerts, collecting food containers and half-eaten popcorn bags to dispose of. At 2.44 pounds of waste on average per person, that’s a lot of materials that need to be removed, and the load will quickly become unmanageable.

For these heavier loads, choose the Dumpmaster Bin Dumper, which has the capacity to carry 550 pounds of material and waste. The Dumpmaster’s steady and powerful hydraulic dumping performance makes it easier and faster to dump.

For smaller loads, such as trash cans in stadium bathrooms, the manually operated Ezi-MT 1500 can easily maneuver small spaces and provide less muscle strain from bending and lifting motions.

By implementing a several types of Bin Dumpers, dangerous repetitive tasks can be accomplished with fewer injuries, and can provide a quick return on investments.

Here are several Bin Dumper models choose from according to your unique waste management needs.

Labeling Bins To Encourage Recycling And Composting

Along with providing reliable, durable Bin Dumpers that can reduce the amount of human effort needed to clear away large amounts of waste, you can also purchase RFID Waste Management tags to be able to identify, track, and sort the different kinds of waste moving in and out of your stadium.

With labeled bins, and an arsenal of RFID Waste Management tags, implementing a recycling and composting mindset in stadiums will be easy even with limited staff.

For over 30 years, Simpro has designed and manufactured exceptional products for waste management and material handling. Solus Group can help you choose the right Bin Dumpers and other material solutions to advance productivity at your stadium.

Find the perfect Simpro Bin Dumpers for you by contacting Solus Group at 314-696-0200 to learn more.