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Using Bin Dumpers to Improve Maintenance at School Facilities

Using Bin Dumpers to Improve Maintenance at School Facilities

Bin dumpers can change the way your janitorial department operates. Every school — public and private, elementary and secondary — can improve facility maintenance with a fleet of Bin Dumpers. These specialized material handling devices reduce labor costs, improve safety, and boost productivity in janitorial department for schools of any size.

Simpro Bin Dumpers lift industrial trash cans and empty them with a safe, ultra-stable "lift-and-tip" action that keeps the weight centered over the frame. They can be certified to various standards, including ISO 12100, and they're a common-sense investment for educational facilities of all sizes.

And while Bin Dumpers easily recoup that investment, school ergonomic grants can help with budgeting the purchase. These grants are often offered at the state level or on a school-by-school basis; check with your institution's administrators to see if Bin Dumpers qualify.

With Bin Dumpers, school maintenance staff no longer have to lift heavy garbage cans, which greatly improves the overall safety of a janitorial program. To find out more about Bin Dumpers, or to place an order, call Solus Group at 314-696-0200 today.

Choosing a Bin Dumper Model for Your School Facility

Regardless of your budget or material handling needs, Bin Dumpers can revolutionize your school's janitorial program.

For example, small elementary schools might only empty a few garbage can per day. The manually operated Ezi-MT, which quickly lifts and empties loads of up to 140 pounds with an easy-to-turn crank, can effectively meet the needs of these institutions.

Larger facilities might need to lift heavier loads or empty more trash cans per day. The 330-pound-capacity Multi-Tip uses electro-hydraulic power to empty bins, limiting musculoskeletal injuries and ensuring a more efficient workflow.

More intensive applications might choose the Dumpmaster, which has a capacity of 660 pounds and a galvanized-steel frame. Custom options are also available, so whether your staff handles a dozen bins or a thousand, you can find a capable, compliant option that addresses your needs.

An investment in a Bin Dumper is an investment in the safety and efficiency of the school's janitorial program. View the products below for more information.

Measuring the Cost of Manually Emptying School Trash Bins

How much is your facility really spending on waste management?

In 2015, 42,740 janitors and cleaners missed work due to injuries, many of them caused by muscle tears, sprains, or strains. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has named the profession a "high-risk occupation for musculoskeletal disorders."

Cleaning up a school is a physically intensive task, and emptying trash cans is especially hazardous from an ergonomic perspective, as bending, twisting the torso, and lifting heavy loads substantially increases a worker's chances of developing a muscle injury.

Unfortunately, many public school systems leave their janitorial staff to empty heavy garbage cans manually. While it's difficult to nail down an exact figure, musculoskeletal disorders greatly affect many school systems' budgets.

Consider the following statistics:

  • According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the total cost of the nation's public schools, both elementary and secondary, was $634 billion in 2013-14 — about $12,500 per student.
  • Of that $12,500 per student, $1,076 went to operation and maintenance of facilities — including daily cleaning tasks.
  • Operation and maintenance consumes about 8 percent of the total cost-per-student, which is far from insignificant.

Simpro Bin Dumpers reduce those expenditures in two ways: First, by removing a common ergonomic risk from janitorial staff entirely. Fewer injuries means less sick time and workers' compensation. Bin Dumpers also make cleaning staffs more efficient, improving janitorial care and reducing overtime.

Why choose Simpro Bin Dumpers? As the worldwide leader in this type of specialized material handling equipment, Simpro produces intelligently engineered products with superior safety and reliability. Solus Group can help you choose appropriate equipment for your school or university, and with numerous ergonomic grant options available nationwide, you can easily budget for this excellent purchase.

Find the perfect Simpro Bin Dumpers for your school or university. Contact Solus Group at 314-696-0200 to learn more.