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Bin Dumpers for Waste Management in Entertainment and Hospitality Industries

Bin Dumpers for Waste Management in Entertainment and Hospitality Industries

Waste management is a big part of the hospitality industry, and Bin Dumpers can help busy crews keep up with the volume. Whether you operate a hotel, a casino, or a sports venue — or even find yourself planning a big event at a small city park — food and drink go hand in hand with entertainment. And where there's food, there's food waste.

Add the volume of packaging, beverage containers, and general post-party refuse, and you've got enough waste to send employees back and forth to dumpsters at least four times a day, according to one report on professional housekeepers.

In some applications, workers need to empty trash bins far more often than that. At a busy outdoor festival, for instance, staff could spend an entire shift emptying trash cans. By the time they reach one end of the fair grounds, the bins at the other end fill up all over again.

Each of those visits to the dumpster creates an unacceptably high risk of injury. The twisting motion of emptying a trash can adds to the ergonomic risks associated with lifting heavy loads, especially above shoulder height.

Bin Dumpers remove the risk entirely by lifting and emptying heavily loaded trash cans. While they're at it, these specialized bin dumpers save valuable time, improving productivity across the entire organization. With Bin Dumpers and a good waste management plan, managers remain free to focus on guest experience, the main driver of value in the hospitality industry.

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Health Risks for Cleaning Staff in Hospitality and Entertainment

Cleaning work is hard on the body. How hard? We can get an idea by comparing occupational injury rates in entertainment and hospitality applications to those of all private industry as a baseline. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers these figures for 2016. They reveal that:

  • In private industry as a whole, the incidence rate for injuries requiring days away from work, restriction of duties, or job transfers was 2.9 per 100 workers.
  • For janitorial services, that rate climbs to 3.2 per 100.
  • Hotel workers had it even worse. The injury rate in hotels and motels was 4.4 per 100 workers in 2016.
  • Employees of amusement and theme parks sustained occupational injuries at the alarming rate of 7.1 per 100!

All of these industries have one thing in common: They depend heavily on their housekeeping or janitorial staff, who place their bodies on the line in the service of cleaning and waste management.

Emptying waste containers into dumpsters manually increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. There's a reason Cal/OSHA, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, warns cleaning staff to be careful when handling trash bins.

"Don't assume that trash cans weigh about the same each time," says the Cal/OSHA publication Working Safer and Easier for Janitors, Custodians, and Housekeepers. "Injuries can occur when lifting an unexpectedly heavy trash can."

Later, the ergonomic guide points out the risks associated with throwing trash into dumpsters.

"The dumping of heavy trash bags requires high force again and again," the report says. "Awkward postures are often involved."

Multi-Tip Bin Dumpers use powerful hydraulics to quickly empty trash cans of up to 96 gallons, with a total lift capacity of 330 pounds. Best of all, employees must only push a button, drastically reducing the chance of a musculoskeletal injury.

Bin Dumpers are highly portable. Their galvanized, powder-coated frames are suitable for use both indoors and out, and they couldn't be easier to operate. Improve productivity while keeping employees safe during waste management tasks at hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and more with Bin Dumpers from Solus Group.

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