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Bin Dumper Benefits in the Recycling Industry

Bin Dumpers in the Recycling Industry

For recycling plants, Bin Dumpers create a safer, more productive workplace. By automating heavy lifting, these ergonomic machines reduce the need for staff to bend, lift, and reach overhead — all movements that increase the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. When workers suffer fewer injuries, productivity and morale improve considerably.

Simpro Bin Dumpers lift large trash cans and empty them with a stable, steady motion. Single-stream facilities are marvels of automation, but they still require workers to sort materials into various containers. When staff hauls those bins to a conveyor belt for more sorting or emptying into a compactor, Bin Dumpers can provide the necessary muscle for lifting the containers.

Bin Dumpers keep workers injury-free by eliminating dangerous manual lifting, and our team can help you find the perfect solutions for your recycling center. Call Solus Group at 314-696-0200 to learn more about how Bin Dumpers can help your facility.

Choosing Bin Dumpers for Your Recycling Plant

Simpro offers a complete line of Bin Dumpers that can tackle any situation in a modern single- or dual-stream recycling facility.

For smaller loads, the manually operated Ezi-MT 1500 easily integrates in small spaces. This hand-cranked dumper handles 32- or 64-gallon carts weighing up to 140 pounds. Casters allow workers to reposition the Ezi-MT in optimal locations. This model works great for returning relatively light materials to a sorting conveyor.

For larger loads headed to compactors or dumpsters, the Dumpmaster and its 660-pound capacity may be better-suited for the task. Many recycling facilities rely on primitive, built-in lifting devices or forklifts for dumping large loads. Speed up the process and make it safer with the Dumpmaster's steady and powerful hydraulic dumping action.

Bin Dumpers provide benefits that allow operations to see a quick return on investment. Here are just a few of the advantages that reliable trashcan dumpers offer for recycling center applications.

  • Workers can fill bins higher, which translates to fewer trips to destination.
  • Staff can take breaks while the Bin Dumper keeps work flowing.
  • Materials are dumped in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Mechanical lifting reduces injuries which keeps the workforce at full-strength.

Because many facilities rely on temporary workers, the ultra-safe designs of Simpro Bin Dumpers provides an extra layer of protection. Instead of training new staff on proper lifting techniques, a short demonstration of a Bin Dumper teaches staff everything they need to know.

An investment in Bin Dumpers can improve productivity and increase automation in any application that requires brute strength. For recycling facilities, they're essential equipment, and Solus Group provides a versatile selection of Bin Dumpers for operations of all sizes.

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Avoid Musculoskeletal Disorders for a More Productive Operation

Do you know how much heavy lifting is costing your facility?

Recycling workers face injury rates more than double the national average. Workers come into contact with chemicals and dust, sort materials near heavy equipment and large bales, and make repetitive motions for entire shifts, which increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. To reduce recycling worker injuries, managers must address these situations individually.

While many of the dangers require more education for both residents and recycling workers, managers can address musculoskeletal disorders directly with mechanical equipment like Bin Dumpers. Much of a worker's day is spent reaching over a conveyor belt to grab items for separation. This action alone can lead to strains and injuries.

When those same workers also have to lift heavy cans regularly, the chances for musculoskeletal disorders skyrocket. Bin Dumpers eliminate the need for manual lifting — one less risk for managers to worry about.

Rely on Simpro Bin Dumpers for maintenance-free, dependable performance. For over 30 years, Simpro has manufactured state-of-the-art materials handling equipment. In that time, they've continued designing and creating exceptional products with innovative features. Solus Group can help you choose Bin Dumpers or other material handling solutions for your recycling center.

Find (or customize) the perfect Simpro Bin Dumpers for your facility. Contact Solus Group at 314-696-0200 to learn more.