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Bin Tippers From Solus Group On Display At WasteExpo Trade Show

June 7, 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada —Solus Group, a leading online provider of warehouse equipment, will head to Las Vegas for the WasteExpo 2016 conference and exhibition. There, between June 7 and June 9, Solus experts will introduce an innovative line of Bin Tippers to waste management professionals from more than 80 countries.

Bin Tippers provide users with a safe and efficient way to empty trash cans and other large-volume containers. A unique lift-and-tip motion keeps weight centered as these devices empty bins, ensuring the greatest possible stability.

Bin Tippers also prevent lower back injuries caused by manually emptying containers and protect workers from dangerous spills with heavy duty guard panels.

"Bin Tippers are the solution to a problem that every facility of every size runs into," said Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager at Solus Group. "How do you empty high-volume containers without risking injuries? These machines make it easy."

Bin Tippers are ideal for waste management applications, where dumping bins into hoppers is a constant challenge, Taylor said.

Solus Group offers three models, all of which will be on display at WasteExpo. The Manual Bin Tipper (Ezi-MT) safely lifts and empties up to 140 pounds of material with a simple low-resistance winch control. For loads of up to 330 pounds, the Multi-Tip Bin Tipper (MT) provides a robust, hydraulic-powered tipping action. The Dumpmaster Bin Tipper (DM) is a powerful steel device that lifts and empties even the heaviest loads.

WasteExpo attendees will have a chance to see these machines at work, and can investigate their benefits first-hand.

"You can read about a Bin Tipper all you want, but there's really no substitute for seeing them in action," Taylor said. "We're excited to introduce this solution to the industry that needs it most."

WasteExpo is the largest yearly trade show for the waste management industry, filling the 2 million square foot exhibition area of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It brings together waste service companies, corporate managers, decision makers from the public sector, and equipment providers like Solus Group to explore solutions to contemporary industry challenges. Last year, roughly 13,000 professionals attended the event.

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