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Solus Group Launches Online Video Resource to Increase Brand Engagement

May 05, 2016 - St. Louis, Missouri - Solus Group, a leading online warehouse equipment provider, has added a new video page to their website. The growing collection of video content is available at These short videos, sourced from manufacturers themselves, allow customers to see select battery handling and warehouse equipment in action, without having to travel to a brick-and-mortar dealer.

In this era of online purchasing, product videos provide a prospective customer’s only chance to see how machinery works. Not everything can be conveyed through text, and Solus Group is the latest online seller to provide a wealth of video content for curious consumers.

While these videos help to market certain products Solus Group carries, though, they’re far from commercials, said Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager at Solus Group.

“Our video content is meant to be a resource for site-visitors,” Taylor said. “They’re not flashy or sales-y; these are simple, practical demonstrations of complex machines, designed to help our customers make informed purchasing decisions.”

The first round of videos focused on battery handling equipment and bin tippers, which provide a safe way to automatically empty waste bins into hoppers. Interested visitors can watch a Portable Gantry Crane from Solus Group change a forklift battery, with informative textual overlays. They can learn more about how AcidSorb Pillows prevent electrolyte damage in the battery room. Or, they can watch any of three Simpro Bin Tippers empty full garbage cans.

Visitors don’t have to go straight to the new web page to see all this equipment at work. A link from each product page takes viewers straight to associated video content, which appears in an easily-dismissed pop-up screen. The marketing team at Solus Group plans to frequently update videos as manufacturers produce more content.

“You really can’t overstate the value of seeing equipment at work,” Taylor said. “This page lets us show customers exactly what these machines are capable of. But just wait; this is only the beginning.”