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Importance of Ventilation During Colder Months for Improved Air Quality

Ventilation during cold monthsThe temperature outside keeps getting colder -- so it seems like a logical idea to keep the warm air in and the cold air out by closing off any ventilation, especially when warehouses contain so much air that needs to be heated.

However, wintertime may be the most important time of the year to keep your warehouse properly ventilated. Ventilation is a necessity for indoor air quality, safety of personnel and preventing property damage.

To prepare your warehouse's ventilation system for the winter, here are some tips to help make sure your warehouse stays adequately ventilated as the temperatures outside continue to drop:

Consider alternatives to natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is essentially the practice of letting outside air into the warehouse to help maintain a steady flow of fresh air. However, closing off outdoor airflow can lead to a buildup of fumes and chemicals in the warehouse's air supply, so it's essential to find an alternative ventilation system to natural ventilation. Indoor fans and industrial air conditioning systems are among the most popular options in warehouses today.

Never compromise battery room safety

OSHA's battery room ventilation requirements are in place for a good reason. During the forklift battery charging process, chemicals are released into the air, including hydrogen gas, which can be fatal to personnel in high enough concentrations. All battery room exhaust systems should always be in operation for this reason.

Invest in an HVLS fan system

HVLS fans are perhaps the best wintertime ventilation system available today. By working in tandem with the warehouse's heating and air conditioning, HVLS fans work to regulate indoor temperature while maintaining high air quality. These fans also significantly reduce HVAC costs, boosting energy-efficiency in the warehouse. Personnel will be able to work in a safe, comfortable environment, and warehouse equipment will function at its highest potential.

Feel free to share any tips or pieces of advice you may have on warehouse and battery room ventilation requirements with your fellow readers in the comments below.