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Benefits of Container Dumpers in Parcel Handling Systems

In operations that depend on package handling or parcel distribution, efficiency is key — and effective automation is vital for optimizing throughput.

Benefits of Container Dumpers in Parcel Handling Systems

Whether you’re sorting packages manually or using a customized conveyor system, the first step of the process is to safely move the packages into your process.

Container dumpers can serve as effective induction points, particularly when they’re designed for your workflow. In other words, they’re an essential investment — regardless of the size of your operation, the weight of the parcels, or other factors.

What Is a Container Dumper for Parcel Handling Systems?

A container dumper (also known as a bin dumper or bin tipper) is a relatively simple piece of material handling equipment (MHE). The dumper lifts a gaylord, tote, or other container and tilts it, allowing materials to fall down an attached parcel chute.

For a smaller operation, the container dumper can deliver packages to manual sortation tables; for larger operations, the parcel chute will lead to a fully automated sortation line. The MHE can be customized to meet the requirements of the work (for instance, the unit may be engineered with stainless steel to ensure compliance with food-handling regulations).

A container dumper can lift hundreds of pounds of materials without creating ergonomic hazards for workers. That makes it an essential piece of equipment — but below, we’ll explore some of the specific benefits in greater detail.

Container Dumpers Improve Efficiency While Enforcing Ergonomics

If you’re running a smaller operation, it may seem reasonable to ask workers to manually induct parcels. But regularly lifting parcels creates an unnecessary ergonomic hazard, raising the chances of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and on-the-job injuries.

Manual lifting is also a bottleneck for productivity: One review performed by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries found that ergonomic solutions led to massive productivity improvements for businesses while reducing MSDs by an average of 59%.

In parcel handling systems, this might actually be a low estimate. Lifting parcels meets all of the ergonomic risk factors listed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

Megadumper Bin Dumper

Container dumpers work predictably, moving packages, parcels, and mail items onto handling points without spillage. That predictability is reason enough to make the investment — but it’s not the only reason to upgrade your MHE.

Customization Allows for Easy Integration into Package Sorting Lines

Container dumpers may be modified to support a given task. As we discussed earlier, this might mean stainless steel materials for food-handling applications, but might also include other key features:


  • Auto-cycle operation enables operators to leave machines unattended while 
    the lifting cycle completes.
  • Digital scales can weigh products before dumping.
  • Solar panels can be implemented for outdoor applications.
  • Tipping heights may be adjusted to ensure an adequate slope for the parcel chute.


Solus Group carries a variety of Bin Dumpers to meet the needs of every application — and virtually every feature of each device can be customized as needed. A custom parcel dumper can provide years of productivity, dramatically increasing throughput while keeping your team on task.

Bin Dumper Chute

Exploring Options for Parcel and Package Dumpers

For parcel handling systems, options include the Multi-Tip Hydraulic Bin Dumper, the Megadumper, and the Dumpmaster. These tools can simplify and streamline parcel ingestion points, lifting up to 1,320 lbs (600 kg) of materials with each load.

These products can be paired with Bin Dumper Chutes, each of which is custom-made to fit its application. All Bin Dumper Chutes are retrofittable to upgrade existing bin dumpers, with a heavy-duty design that secures directly to the Bin Dumper’s cradle or frame.

Whether your operation relies on manual or automated sortation processes, you need an ergonomic method for transferring the product to the line. The Bin Dumper series provides that solution — and with appropriate customization, you can build a more productive, safer operation.

To explore parcel container dumpers and customization options for your business, contact the Solus Group sales team at 314-696-0200 or send us a message.