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From Bin to Drum Dumper: Converting Bin Dumpers into Drum Dumping Equipment

Whether you use a Bin Dumper to empty trash cans into dumpsters; ingredients into mixers; or bulk components into hoppers, it’s an indispensable piece of equipment. These lift-and-tip machines prevent injury by saving workers from the ergonomically risky task of handling containers. They improve productivity by speeding up bulk material flow. And increasingly, industrial facilities of all types — from waste and recycling operations to food processing plants — are achieving the benefits in both safety and efficiency. From Bin to Drum Dumper: Converting Bin Dumpers into Drum Dumping Equipment

But standard Bin Dumper cradles are designed to handle wheelie bins and carts, typically only used for dry bulk materials. What if your operation handles liquids, which are more typically stored in drums or oversized buckets?

Here’s how to convert a Bin Dumper into a dependable drum dumper — without losing the capacity to handle wheelie bins in the process. Follow these steps to create an all-purpose dumper, ready for drums, carts, and bins of all types.

How Bucket Cradles Convert Bin Dumpers to Drum Dumpers

Most models of Bin Dumpers — the Manual Bin Dumper, Multi-Tip, Dumpmaster, and DockMaster — ship with standard wheelie bin cradles suitable for Roll Out Carts from 32 to 96 gallons in capacity. To empty a bin, you have to turn it upside down, so restraints are necessary to keep the bin from tumbling out after its contents. Standard bin cradles accomplish this task by including restraints that catch the wheels of a Roll Out Cart.

But custom cradles are available to support virtually any type of container. (To discuss the unique needs of your facility, call us at 314-696-0200.) If you need to handle drums, choose the Bin Dumper Bucket Cradle option. Bucket Cradles are available as an aftermarket addition, so you don’t have to make the decision when you buy a Bin Dumper; they attach via heavy-duty bolts, so you can add Bucket Cradles quickly on your own.

A Bucket Cradle includes an adjustable hoop retainer that holds drums fast even as they’re inverted. This hoop retainer is constructed from powder-coated steel, so it’s durable and suitable for use even with chemicals or corrosive liquids. Adjustable packer blocks keep cylindrical containers stable during use.

For even greater productivity gains while emptying drums, choose the optional quick-release restraints. These drum catchers rotate and descend to hold drums in place, then release on the depression of fast-acting tabs. This option simplifies the unloading of empty drums.

Roll Out Carts

Whether you choose a hoop retainer or quick-release restraints, Bucket Cradles bolt directly onto the Bin Dumper’s primary tote cradle for a lifetime of reliable usage, even in high-throughput operations. The addition of a Bucket Cradle will not interfere with bin restraints, so you can use the same equipment to empty drums, buckets, bins, carts, and more.

Drum Compatibility with Bin Dumpers and Bucket Cradles

Bin Dumper Bucket Cradle

Will a Bin Dumper, converted to drum dumping equipment with a Bucket Cradle, be compatible with the containers your operation uses every day? Usually, the answer is yes. Bucket Cradles support containers with a maximum size of 27 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and up to 47 inches high.

That includes all standard steel drums and common round containers, from Brute Bins to buckets. If you need to empty containers with unique dimensions, we can usually provide a custom cradle for your Bin Dumper. Call the Solus Group sales team at 314-696-0200 to inquire.

In short, Bin Dumpers make excellent drum dumping equipment. All it takes is a Bucket Cradle addition.

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