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Solus Group Joins Northeast Recycling Council, Will Attend 2017 NERC Fall Conference

Nov. 07, 2017 - Amherst, MA - Solus Group, a leading supplier of warehouse and material handling equipment, will celebrate its new membership in the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) by attending the NERC Fall Conference — which also happens to be the 30th anniversary of the sustainability organization.

The conference will take place on November 13 and 14, 2017 at the Lord Jeffery Inn in Amherst, Massachusetts, where attendees can learn more about solutions in sustainable materials management on an industrial level. The event will bring together various sectors in the sustainability movement, from municipal, state, and federal governments to non-profit organizations to industry representatives. 

Solus Group will have a table in the exhibit space. There, conference attendees can learn more about the material handling solutions available from the online dealer.

"Since we just joined NERC this year, we really wanted to be part of their 30th anniversary celebration," said Jennifer Taylor, marketing manager at Solus Group. "This conference is the perfect opportunity to show folks in the industry how our products can help."

Solus Group's representative at the conference is an expert on one product line in particular, Taylor said.

"We want the folks who handle all this recycling, composting — various sustainable waste handling industries — we want them to know about our Bin Dumpers," she said. "The industry has challenges, and Bin Dumpers are a great solution to some of these material handling issues."

Bin Dumpers from Solus Group are ergonomic material handling machines that lift and empty industrial trash bins and other bulk containers. They reduce injuries by replacing manual material handling and improve productivity with quick, safe emptying of bulk loads, Taylor said.

Thanks to a unique lift-and-tip motion that keeps weight centered over the Bin Dumper's frame throughout the emptying process, these dumpers provide industry-leading stability for fast-paced applications.

"They really are the best way to empty heavy, industrial trash cans," Taylor said. "And there are models at just about every weight capacity."

Attendees at the 2017 NERC Fall Conference will have the chance to discuss Bin Dumpers and other equipment available from Solus Group with a company representative. Visit to learn more.

About Solus Group:

Solus Group offers a variety of warehouse storage solutions, ranging from dock accessories and signage to a full set of battery handling products. The company offers a convenient online ordering process and dedicated customer service through an office in St. Louis, Missouri. To learn more, visit Solus Group online at