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Simpro Bin Tippers from Solus Group Find Niche Applications at WasteExpo 2016

Jun 7, 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada - A four-person team from Solus Group, a leading online provider of warehouse equipment, introduced waste handling providers from around the globe to the unique capabilities of Simpro Bin Tippers at the 2016 WasteExpo conference in Las Vegas.  

Bin Tippers are powerful material handling devices designed to lift and empty large-volume containers, a constant challenge in all segments of the waste industry. Unlike their competitors, Simpro Bin Tippers use a distinctive lift-and-tip motion to safely empty containers without shifting the center of gravity, achieving greater stability and control of loads.

The Solus Group team met with representatives from companies in every niche of the waste handling industry, including recycling, medical waste, composting, and conventional municipal waste collection.

"We were blown away by the response," said Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager at Solus Group. "The best applications for our products always come from our customers, and every day at WasteExpo introduced us to new ways to use our Bin Tippers."

For example, Taylor said, an agent of a major medical waste disposal company was thrilled to discover Simpro Bin Tippers at WasteExpo. When handling medical waste, he explained, operators have to ensure that they won't be exposed to biohazards. Integrated splash guards on Simpro Bin Tippers add an extra level of protection for users.

Medical waste disposers also have to wash equipment frequently. The mechanical and hydraulic components on Simpro Bin Tippers are completely covered, making them entirely weather-proof. No additional steps must be taken to spray them down, which is an attractive feature in the medical waste field.

Original equipment manufacturers also expressed interest in Solus Group's offerings. Companies that manufacture compactors and hoppers were looking for load-dumping machines to sell alongside their own wares, Taylor said. Simpro Bin Tippers offer exceptional features that make them pair well with other equipment. 

"Simpro Bin Tippers are the only product of their type," Taylor said, referring to the arcing travel-path of most conventional emptying machines. "Bin Tippers just flip containers at a 45-degree angle. So many people walked by and said, 'Why didn't I think of that?'"

Solus Group exhibited two models of Bin Tippers at WasteExpo, the Multi-Tipper, rated for loads up to 330 pounds, and the DumpMaster, which empties loads of up to 660 pounds in mere seconds.

Simpro also manufactures a MegaDumper, designed for even greater loads. That model interested representatives of paper recycling companies who stopped by the Solus Group booth at WasteExpo. Paper recyclers often need to fill compactors with thousands of pounds of shredded ledger, a task for which only the MegaDumper is equipped.

Taylor was surprised to learn that her team actually sold one of their models on the trade show floor, she said.

"That sort of thing is unheard of," Taylor said. "But early in the show, a buyer approached our team and told them he wanted to take the DumpMaster home with him. When we packed up our booth, we shipped the unit straight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, ultimately finding its home in Hawaii!"

WasteExpo is the largest annual trade show for waste management professionals. It brings together around 13,000 attendees and describes itself as "the most successful event in the industry." 

About Solus Group:

Solus Group offers a variety of warehouse storage solutions, ranging from dock accessories and signage to a full set of battery handling products. The company offers a convenient online ordering process and dedicated customer service through an office in St. Louis, Missouri. To learn more, visit Solus Group online at