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Solus Group Offers 15% Off Battery Spill Kits for National Safety Awareness Month

ST. LOUIS, MO, June 24, 2015 --

Solus Group, a leading online warehouse equipment supplier, is offering reduced prices on battery spill kits and other spill response equipment through the month of June. The sale coincides with National Safety Awareness Month and applies automatically to all orders placed prior to July 1st.

In industrial settings, lift truck battery spills can create a serious safety hazard and cost thousands of dollars in equipment and infrastructure damage. Spills often occur when battery cell jars become cracked, causing electrolytes to escape through drain holes. Battery spill kits protect workers and allow for efficient cleanup by neutralizing spilled electrolytes.

Discounted products include AcidSorb Liquid, a fast-acting neutralizer spray, along with AcidSorb pillows, which solidify the electrolyte solution to allow for safe cleanup. Solus Group will also offer lower pricing for wall-mounting kits and equipment cleaning kits.

"Every battery room should have a clearly marked spill kit," said Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager of Solus Group. "National Safety Awareness Month is a great time to check up on essential equipment and make sure that it's accessible to workers. Our goal is to help our clients avoid on-the-job injuries and create safer work environments."

The National Safety Council promotes safe workplace practices in various industries and has designated June as Safety Awareness Month. Battery spill kits are essential in every work environment with a battery room, and OSHA 1910.132 requires employers to provide "essential equipment for cleaning up hazardous materials such as battery acid." OSHA 1910.170(g)(2) and 1926.441(a)(5) include additional requirements for spill response equipment.

"Lift truck batteries are safer than alternative technologies, but it's still important to stay prepared for spills," said Taylor. "We hope that this sale encourages our customers to take appropriate precautions."


About Solus Group:

Solus Group offers a wide variety of warehouse storage solutions, ranging from dock accessories and signage to a full range of battery handling products. The company offers a convenient online ordering process and dedicated customer service. To learn more, visit Solus Group online at