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Storage Solutions for Pallet Truck Batteries

Battery room experts spend a lot of time discussing the ins and outs of forklift batteries, those massive wellsprings of motive power that keep fleets in action. But warehouses don't just depend on forklifts to handle materials. Electric pallet trucks, the lift truck's smaller cousins, carry their share of loads in virtually every warehouse active today, and are the norm in lots of other industries.

So what's the difference between a forklift battery and a pallet truck battery? Not much, really. Electric pallet trucks come in a staggering array of sizes, shapes, and maximum lift capacities. There's just as much variation in the selection of batteries on the market.

However, there is one general difference that holds true for most pallet truck batteries: The average electric pallet truck doesn't need as much power as a sit-down counterbalance forklift, so their batteries tend to be a bit smaller.

That difference has fascinating ramifications for the storage and maintenance of pallet truck batteries. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, install a separate storage bank within your battery room, just for pallet truck batteries. You’ll save valuable space, and your pallet trucks won’t have to compete with forklifts for a new battery.

Choosing the Right Pallet Truck Storage System

Forklift battery stands from Solus Group protect batteries, floors, and other equipment with spark-proof poly-sleeved rollers and optional steel drip pans. An acid-resistant powder coating ensures that these heavy duty steel structures will maintain their integrity even after the worst electrolyte spill.


But how can operations achieve the same benefits for pallet truck batteries without having to deal with the larger footprint of a storage system designed for forklifts? The Point of Discharge Station from Solus Group was designed to fill this niche.

Point of Discharge Stands (POD) include all the features that make forklift Battery Roller Stands such a worthwhile investment, but they're scaled down, creating a snug, secure fit for pallet truck batteries.

This compact design packs eight standard pallet truck batteries into the smallest possible footprint. Meanwhile, a durable steel charger shelf stands above the battery beds. The POD uses vertical space to its greatest advantage, packing your pallet truck collection into a small, easy-to-access area.

The Heart of a Storage System: The Battery Bed

Battery stand surfaces can have a huge impact on the daily wear and tear you subject your battery cases to. For your battery stands, choose a battery bed that can achieve four service-life-extending goals:

  1. Reduce wear on battery cases by limiting friction during loading and unloading.
  2. Prevent dangerous sparks from being generated.
  3. Resist caustic electrolyte.
  4. Balance weight evenly across the base of the battery case.

Point of Discharge Stands feature the roller bed technology that made Battery Roller Stands the go-to choice for forklift battery storage. Each battery compartment contains five steel-core, poly-coated rollers. They'll resist sparks and acidic buildup for the longest-possible service life, but if you do eventually need to replace a single roller, they're secured with hitch pins for easy removal.

A subtle rearward pitch ensures that batteries will stay safely in their storage slots until you're ready to pull them out into your pallet truck. If you're ready to save space and decrease wear on your battery collection, browse the options from Solus Group today.