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Why is it Important to Wash a Forklift Battery?

Forklift Battery WashIn many workplaces, the forklift is responsible for transporting and lifting things that can't be transported or lifted by hand. And while forklifts are hugely beneficial to warehouse efficiency, they also require a fair amount of maintenance to ensure they work properly.

This is especially true for the batteries that power each forklift. Forklift battery maintenance is a multi-faceted process that includes extracting, charging, watering and more. One of the most necessary forklift battery handling procedures? Washing the battery properly.

But why is it important to wash a forklift battery at all? Here are the three best reasons to enforce proper forklift battery washing in every warehouse:

Forklift battery washing is essential to preserving battery life

Forklift batteries are basically sheets of lead soaked in acid; the ions that are released by the interaction of these two components are what generates the battery's electric charge. However, this chemical reaction also leads to buildup in and around the battery's terminals. This buildup decreases battery life -- which should ideally be approximately 6,000 hours -- and can even result in the battery losing its charge even when it isn't in use.

Washing each forklift battery regularly helps prevent accidents

Neglecting to properly wash a forklift battery creates unneeded safety hazards for personnel in the workplace. The exterior buildup of the battery's chemicals can cause chemical burns even if personnel are properly protected! Keep all personnel safe from these chemicals by washing each forklift battery as often as recommended.

Washing forklift batteries keeps corrosion at bay

Lead-acid batteries that power forklifts will undergo some corrosion as a result of everyday use. Corrosion is harmful to any battery, as it inhibits the connection between the battery's terminals and its cables, resulting in damage over time. By regularly and properly taking part in forklift battery washing, however, this can be avoided easily.

When the right forklift battery washing methods and procedures are observed, the entire workplace as a whole can be more efficient and more functional -- and its personnel will be safer as well.