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Nu-Star Power Pushers Now Available from Solus Group

December 13, 2018 — St. Louis, MO — Solus Group, a leading online provider of material handling equipment with a special focus on the waste-management industry, is now selling Power Pushers from Nu-Star.

This unique piece of material handling equipment allows a single worker to safely push or pull wheeled loads of up to 50,000 pounds. This push/pull assistance device operates with an electric 400-watt motor that charges via standard 120-volt electrical outlets.

power pusher"Power Pushers are part of a safer, more efficient way to manage waste at facilities and outdoor events," said Jennifer Taylor, marketing manager at Solus Group. "With a Power Pusher, a single staff member can move fully loaded wheelie bins faster and with less risk than multi-person teams working manually."   

Power Pushers can boost productivity and improve safety in a wide range of material handling applications, Taylor said. Owners use them to transport heavy equipment, full dumpsters, and even rail cars — all with a single employee at the controls.

"We're always looking for ways to eliminate workplace injuries," Taylor said. "Power Pushers get rid of the muscle strain associated with handling heavy loads. The productivity benefits are an added bonus."

By reducing the staff required for heavy material handling, Power Pushers deliver a dependable ROI while keeping workers safe, Taylor said. Power Pushers join an already expansive line of material handling solutions available from Solus Group already.

"Waste management teams can cart a roll-off dumpster stocked with rolling bins, a MegaDumper Bin Dumper, and a Power Pusher to any location," Taylor said. "Then a single staff member can safely handle waste management for the whole event."

Power Pushers are available now from