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Customizing a Tote Dumper for Specialized Material Handling

If you handle bulk materials in your industry, you need a tote dumper. These lifting and tilting machines — variously known as box, drum, and Bin Dumpers — automate the emptying of containers.

Customizing a Tote Dumper for Specialized Material Handling

That’s an important task. Lifting and emptying containers is associated with multiple ergonomic risks, since it involves heavy lifts and twisting of the body. Manual dumping isn’t very efficient, either; tote dumpers improve productivity in virtually any use case.

That doesn’t mean every tote dumper delivers optimal performance in every scenario, however. In the world of material handling, every job is unique. An off-the-shelf piece of material handling equipment may not provide the results you need without some alterations.

That’s especially true for machines as versatile as tote dumpers, which may be used to handle everything from bulk dry ingredients to fluids to waste and recycling streams. (Learn more about potential applications for Bin Dumpers.)

Here are a few ways to customize a tote dumper for any task.

Explore the Solus Group collection of Simpro Bin Dumpers and bulk material handling accessories.

3 Ways to Customize Your Tote Dumper

Solus Group is an online dealer of material handling equipment, not an original manufacturer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you customize your Bin Dumper. Here are three ways to personalize your dumping equipment right at the point of purchase. 

1. Choose the right model. 

Solus Group offers an assortment of dependable tote dumpers, including the whole line of industry-leading Bin Dumpers. For example, you can find solutions for:

With so many models to choose from, odds are you can find a tote dumper that provides the solution to your particular material handling challenge. That’s true whether you’re emptying ingredients into hoppers for a food production line or moving recycling through a sortation process — or any other use case. 

2. Take advantage of optional features.

The tote dumpers we stock at Solus Group offer dozens of custom options. Say you’re handling ingredients in a pharmaceutical facility, for instance: A stainless steel Bin Dumper may help you comply with cleanliness regulations.

Or say you’re emptying mail bins, and you need to weigh loads prior to moving them along. Incorporate a platform scale under the cradle of your tote dumper.

Taking the flagship Dumpmaster Bin Dumper as an example, other optional features include:

  • Bin hooks to secure non-standard containers.
  • Compressed-air power instead of hydraulics (ideal for hazardous locations).
  • Additional guarding panels, from foot protection to a full plastic cage.
  • Solar power.
  • Custom control panels, including remote options.
  • And many more.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to customize new Bin Dumpers. However, if you have an existing tote dumper, you can always add aftermarket parts. (That’s also true of new orders, of course; contact us at 314-696-0200 with questions or special requests.)

3. Add aftermarket accessories.

Solus Group also offers a selection of accessories you can install yourself, or have installed by our expert technicians. These items include:

  • Bin Dumper Chutes. Many manufacturers incorporate tote dumpers into production lines — where they sometimes need more control over the flow of bulk materials. Chutes keep items contained all the way from the bin to the destination — and our partners manufacture custom chutes to match your specifications. Request a quote for a custom Bin Dumper Chute.
  • Bin Dumper Bucket Cradles. Dump much more than totes (or bins) with a versatile Bin Dumper Bucket Cradle. These carrying cradles support standard steel drums, drums on dollies, most Brute bins, and even square custom tubs. An adjustable-height hoop retainer is the key to this versatility.

Once you pick the right model, choose your features, and install accessories, your tote dumper will be ready for seamless integration with your existing material handling system. And if you need more extensive custom features, contact us at 314-696-0200. We can often work with our suppliers to solve any material handling challenge.

Questions about tote dumpers or other bulk material handling solutions? Contact the experts at Solus Group.