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Choosing a Mobile Trash Can Lifter for Your Business

A mobile trash can lifter can instantly improve efficiency at your facility, improving throughput by simplifying common waste-handling tasks — while protecting workers from serious injuries by promoting better ergonomics. Choosing a Mobile Trash Can Lifter for Your Business

For employers, ergonomics is a crucial consideration. Musculoskeletal disorders cost U.S. businesses nearly $60 billion in direct costs in 2018 according to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. That number doesn’t take efficiency improvements into consideration.

And since waste handling involves awkward positioning, bending, and lifting, mobile trash can lifters are an important asset for every type of business. However, to find the best equipment for your operation, you’ll need to consider your options carefully. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

Manual Mobile Trash Can Lifters: An Affordable Option for Smaller Facilities

Manual bin dumpers are a viable option for small businesses, schools, restaurants, and retail stores with limited waste handling needs. The operator loads the trash can into the lifter, then turns a manual winch to lift and dump the load. EZI-MT Manual Bin Tipper

Because manual units rely on a winch, they have a limited lifting capacity compared with other types of mobile trash can lifters. However, they may have lower long-term maintenance costs than electric or hydraulic units, and products like the Ezi-MT Manual Bin Dumper can lift most trash cans with ease.

The Ezi-MT has a lifting capacity of 140 lb (65 kg), and its tipping height of 59" allows operators to transfer waste to standard-sized dumpsters without heavy lifting or awkward positioning. Custom cradles are available for non-standard bins, and the unit’s low-profile design allows for easy storage when not in use.

Learn more about the Ezi-MT Manual Bin Dumper.

Mobile Trash Can Lifters for Heavy-Duty Applications

While manual bin tippers can lift standard garbage cans, they’re not intended for industrial receptacles or specialized waste. Electric and hydraulic mobile trash can lifters are better suited for heavy-duty use. Multi-Tip Hydraulic Bin Tipper

To find a trash can lifter for your facility, consider your total waste output. Think about whether your workers regularly handle non-standard bins or encounter waste-specific hazards (for instance, disposing of chemical or medical waste).

Solus Group offers bin tippers for virtually every application, and each unit has specific advantages:

Multi-Tip Hydraulic Bin Dumper

The Multi-Tip Hydraulic Bin Dumper has a capacity of 330 lb (150 kg), and its electro-hydraulic lifting operation safely empties bins in just 20 seconds. An onboard battery supports 25 x 200 lb bins per charge, with support for continuous charge.

With integrated fork pockets, heavy-duty casters, and tipping heights of 47", 63", or 71", the Multi-Tip Hydraulic Bin Dumper is ideal for optimizing waste handling in industrial environments, offices, schools, and churches.

Learn more about the Multi-Tip Hydraulic Bin Dumper.

Dumpmaster Hydraulic Bin Dumper Dumpmaster Hydraulic Bin Tipper

The Dumpmaster can lift and tip loads up to 550 lb (250 kg), and its closed electro-hydraulic system ensures consistent lifting power with low maintenance. Available with a tipping height of 59", 71", 83", 94", or 106", the Dumpmaster can be used for non-waste material handling tasks — for example, dumping materials on manufacturing lines or within food processing operations.

The Dumpmaster can be configured to match your operation’s needs. Add PET-G Cage panels to protect workers when handling hazardous materials or implement custom controls to satisfy safety requirements.

Learn more about the Dumpmaster Hydraulic Bin Dumper.

Dockmaster Hydraulic Bin Dumper

The Dockmaster is specifically intended for emptying industrial bins from a dock to dumpsters, truck beds, Dockmaster Hydraulic Bin Tipper hoppers, and other locations on a ground level. The unit locks into place on dock edges, and with a lifting capacity of 550 lb (250 kg), the Dockmaster can handle heavy materials with ease and efficiency — while keeping workers safe.

Like the Dumpmaster, the Dockmaster can be customized with PET-G cage panels, solar panels, a steel bucket cradle, and other optimizations.

Learn more about the Dockmaster Hydraulic Bin Dumper.

Megadumper Hydraulic Bin Dumper

Megadumper Hydraulic Bin Tipper


With an enormous lifting capacity of 1,320 pounds (600 kilograms), the Megadumper lives up to its name. Sturdy 8" casters provide mobility, and a swing-up loading door with a solenoid-operated lock protects operators from all moving parts during use.

The Megadumper is available with 3-phase or battery power, and with a tipping height of up to 20 feet, it’s the most versatile waste-handling solution available for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Learn more about the Megadumper Hydraulic Bin Dumper

Need help choosing a mobile trash can lifter?

Solus Group’s sales team can work with you to explore customization options, evaluate your operation’s needs, and keep outfitting within your budget — while opening up the enormous benefits of ergonomic material handling.

To discuss mobile trash can lifters, contact our sales team at 314-696-0200 or click here to submit a request online.